Award Categories

Best Research and Studies

We seek to identify research on early childhood education and care that supports improvements in practice. This category includes studies that provide innovative solutions to problems, new insights into learning and teaching, and enrich the evidence base for policy and practice in ways that can lead to meaningful improvements in early learning.
To apply, Applicants must submit a research paper of 30-50 A4 pages (including research supplements), following the APA style guide. The research must be original, not adapted from a thesis paper or dissertation, and not already awarded by any institution or used as a research paper for an academic degree.

Best Programs, Curricula, Teaching Methodologies and Practices

We seek to identify initiatives that aim to improve early learning in homes, informal care, or formal care and education with demonstrated improvements in quality and/or the learning and development of the young children served.
To apply, Applicants must provide a complete description of the initiative in PDF format.
This should include information on the inputs and their cost, outputs, where it has been applied, and the results to date. The information provided should be sufficiently detailed and complete to inform others who wish to learn from and replicate the initiative. This work must be original.